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People have always danced to celebrate, to celebrate, to express themselves. Dancing is not only part of life, it's a necessity.

More than a dance, Tango is about self-discovery, discovering others through movement and music. It's about sharing a moment of connection with your partner, where time is suspended.

To dance tango is to sublimate the present moment.

The class is led by Fabienne and Gérald, Tango dancers for over 10 years, who offer a complete, organic and progressive teaching method, making Tango accessible to all.

Argentine Tango is made up of 3 dances linked to a different musical rhythm: the Tango, the Milonga and the Argentine Waltz.

Location & schedule

Au Collège Sainte-Véronique, salle du 4ème étage (à l'angle des rues Edouard Wacken et Rennequin à 4000 Liège)

From 02.10.23 to 27.05.24- except vacations

Mondays from 19h to 20h30 :

  • Cycle 1: 02.10.23 to 15.01.24
  • Cycle 2: from 22.01.24 to 27.05.24

Please note that school and university vacations do not fall at the same time, so changes may occur during the year.

Equipment required

Casual dress.


  • "Fundamentals and keys to practice": 1h30 of classes and practice.
    This workshop is designed for people with no previous experience of Argentine Tango, as well as for those wishing to deepen and consolidate the basics. Through the thread of acquiring or revising Tango basics, we also work on posture, axis, guidance, harmony and musicality.
  • Dancing a pleasant Tango: the stronger and more precise the basics become, the easier it is to acquire the various figures and put them into practice in the ball, so as to dance comfortably and pleasantly to the notes and rhythms of the music.
    Workshop designed for people with no experience of Argentine Tango, as well as for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the basics.
  • Evenings and workshops can be organized on request.
  • Discover Argentine Tango at our Salon des Sports on Tuesday 26.09.23 from 6pm in the IEP Hall of the Centres Sportifs du Sart-Tilman.


  1. Registration required
  2. Subscription for one course cycle:
    - Student (ULiège and other students): €45
    - Other categories: €100

NB : 15€ reduction if paying for 2 cycles at the same time.

Please note: for those under 18, please complete the parental authorization form  (download parental authorization form) and hand it in to the instructor or drop it off at the ULiège sports office.




updated on 7/18/23

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