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Sports Association of the University and Higher Education


Its aim is to organize university sports in the French-speaking region of Belgium.

The ASEUS, whose seat is established in Malonne, was founded following the decree of March 2, 1977.
This association has its Dutch speaking counterpart, the Studentensport Vlaanderen. Together, these two associations are part of the FSUB (Belgian University Sports Federation).

The FSUB is responsible for the coordination of the regional university championships.

These championships are reserved for students and former students who have finished their studies since 1 year at the most.

If you are a student at the University of Liege and you wish to participate in these championships, contact us for more information and to register.

NB: participation in university championships requires payment of the current year's ULiège sports membership fee.

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Belgian University Sports Federation

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The purpose of the FSUB is to direct and organize university sports in Belgium: it is the coordinating body between the universities and institutions of higher education (members of the ASEUS and the VSSF).

The FSUB takes care of :

  • University championships: see calendar
  • International meetings: FISU World Championships, Universiades, international tournaments, congresses, conferences...

The championships are open to Belgian university and college students.
Former university students who finished their studies one year ago at the most can also take part.
For the meetings taking place at the University of Liege, the ULiège sports provides the rooms and the fields.
For those taking place in other universities, the ULiège sports provides a means of transport (bus, minibus) according to the number of participants.

NB: participation in university championships requires payment of the current year's ULiège sports membership fee.

International University Sports Federation

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This association's mission is to organize major international university sports competitions.
The best student-athletes are given the opportunity to express themselves, often at the highest world level.

FISU organizes the Universiades (World University Games) which take place every two years. In the intervening years, the World University Championships are organized.

The Universiade is one of the most important multi-sport gatherings in the world.

The World University Championships are held every 2 years, usually in disciplines not included in the Universiade.

Who can participate in the World Championships?

Students from universities and colleges between the ages of 17 and 28. The candidacy of these students, amateur athletes, must be presented to FISU by the university sports association of their country of nationality.

More information on these championships can be found on the website ofASEUS.

Calendar of the World Championships

European University Sports Association

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TheEUSA, founded in 1999 in Vienna, is an organization of the national university sports federations. Information about EUSA can also be found at .

European University Championships will be held throughout Europe under the auspices of the European University Sports Association (EUSA).

To participate in EUSA events, individual competitors and teams from interested European universities and higher education institutions should contact their national university sports association for registration information.


(Source: EUSA)

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