Whether you are "small" or "big" sportsman, we propose to you to participate in various championships.
Some more "folkloric", the others more "serious" but always in a sympathetic atmosphere... We hope you will enjoy it!

They are intended for everyone: the "strong" but also the "less strong", those who do not compete or no longer compete, and all those who have never competed. This championship is entirely friendly, it is meant to be a meeting place and a common trait between the various members of our university community.

These championships are held in the following disciplines:

Who can participate?

Any team or individual of the University Community, student and staff, member as well as teams formed by students of higher education of the Liège region. People from outside the University of Liege can also be part of the teams.

When and where does it take place?

Generally, on weekday evenings in the university facilities of Sart-Tilman and according to the schedules established during the meetings of the teams' delegates.

How do I sign up?

By talking about it around you, to gather a team and by sending the duly completed form (see page of the sport concerned) or by contacting our secretariat directly.
For all the information, consult the pages of the various disciplines.

updated on 3/21/23

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